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Pakistan is Muslim country and has a cultural harmony with the sub continent. It came into existence in 1947. Though fashion industry has developed in last Two decades in Pakistan. Pakistani fashion is a mixture of Indian, American, and middle east fashion. Pakistani culture have strong roots of Arab culture in it. Teenager like jeans, t-shirts and causal dresses. While elders like to ware Shalwar Qameez and Tehmand.

Pakistan has four provinces Punjab, Khaiber Pahton Khan, Sindh and Balochistan. The main occasions of Pakistan are
  1. Eid Milladun NABI (PBUH).
  2. Eid-ul-Fitar.
  3. Eid-ul-Azha.
  4. Shab-e-Barat.
  5. Shab-e-Meraj.
  6. Shab-e-Qadar.
People use to ware Shalwar Qameez and Shewani on these occasions with Khusa or Kheri. Shalwar Qameez is a National dress of Pakistan. Women mostly ware Shalwar Qmeez with dopata. Sari is rarely ware by the women of Pakistan.

Punjab Dressing
In Punjab people use to ware Qmeez with Tehmand, Dhoti is the root dress of Punjab. In big cities people use to ware jean, t-shirts, dress shirts, dress paints, joggers and formal shoes. Punjab has its population with different tastes and styles. In offices mostly formal dresses are used while women ware Shalwar Qameez with Dopata in offices. In some areas women ware dress paint shirts. Use of scarf is very common in women.

 Khaiber Pahton Khan Dressing
 In KPK people use to ware Shalwar Qameez with the Tehmad. Women ware gowns with the scarfs or hijab. Very low amount of people use to ware jeans or dress paint shirts. Their traditional head cover is a cap much similar to a Turkish topi.

Sindh Dressing
In sindh people use to ware Shalwar Qameez with Ajraq and sindhi topi on their head. Women ware long Qammez having karhai (embroidery) on it with shalwar, Women arms and wrists are covered with the white chori. In Karachi Shalwar Qameez is ware by the women and while men use to ware jeans paint, t-shirts, dress paint shirts with coats. Two piece and Three piece suits are commonly use by the business community of karachi.

Balochistan Dressing
Balochi women ware frock type long shirts known as ghagrah with shalwar and head covered with chunari.While man use to ware Shalwar Qameez with the waste coat having karhai (embroidery) on it. Man head cover with turban. Sleeper is a common foot ware of men.

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